Winter Care Tips for Wild Birds

Winter Care Tips for Wild Birds

Winter time can present a battle for survival for wild birds. Their endless quest for food begins at dawn and continues until dusk. They spend their days searching for enough sustenance to store enough energy to endure cold winter nights. Because of the seasonal decline of natural habitat, wild birds depend on us during those winter months. Don’t give up on filling the feeders!

-Feeding Wild Birds in the Winter Months:
Wild birds need a constant supply of fresh seed, even through the winter months, which may invite different types of birds to your feeders than the ones you admire in the spring and summer. Feeding them high energy feed that’s high in fat and protein is especially important during the winter months! Good sources are suet, peanuts, black-oil sunflower seed and nyjer seed.

-Water Supply:
In addition to a constant supply of food, wild birds also require a fresh supply of unfrozen water. Where possible, offer water reservoirs with a heated element to stop the water supply from freezing.

-Provide Shelter From the Elements:
Evergreen trees and shrubbery can protect birds from harsh winds. Many birds die at night due to a lack of protection from the elements, lack of protection from predators, or from a lack of quality high energy food and fresh water. Place your feeders and fresh water sources near trees and bushes, while keeping them out in the open enough to see if predators are around.

Caring for and feeding wild birds throughout the winter months helps them survive and provides you with the opportunity to enjoy them all year long.