Mulch & Aggregates

Organic mulch and aggregates are beneficial elements to your garden and landscape!


Mulch is important as an insulator for soil and regulates soil temperatures. Mulch retains water longer, preventing evaporation that keeps the plant roots moist, reducing watering time. It also helps with weed control and your plants' roots from competing with weed roots for nutrient uptake. Mulch also adds organic matter to your soil, improving soil condition and increasing biological activity! 

Aggregate is a fairly broad category that includes stone, gravel and sand. Aggregates or rock mulches are popular for aesthetic purposes. They don’t need to be replaced as regularly as organic mulches and are a good choice if you prefer a more low-maintenance option. Aggregates don’t scatter and blow around in windy or stormy conditions, keeping your plants and trees protected regardless of the weather. When used on top of woven landscape fabric, aggregates can be a beneficial weed barrier. They are also commonly used as a base layer and drainage material for patio stone and pavers.

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