Garden Gain All Purpose Plant food


GARDENGAIN® is specially formulated for the complete health and color of all indoor and outdoor plants, flowering trees and shrubs, houseplants, ferns, palms, grasses, and herbs. This power-packed granular feeds over a 4 month time for low upkeep with incredible visual results.

"This formula is a slight departure from our norm" shares Tom Scannell, owner and Founder of BGI Fertilizers. "Most of our blends are quick release formulas for immediate uptake and availability to the plants, Gardengain is a controlled release fertilizer (CRF)." "Not everyone has a large back yard or a crop to feed year round" said Tom. "We wanted to add this option to the ‘family’ for consumers who need our guaranteed results on a smaller scale."

One important factor making Gardengain the best CRF on the planet is the prill. Prill is a term used in manufacturing to refer to product that has been pelletized. Each prill is uniform and a complete version of the blend, which is important for plant health. Each prill releases the appropriate rate of nutrients and ensures complete nutrition. In agricultural science there is a standard, Liebig’s Law, which states that a plants yield is not determined by the most abundant nutrient, but by its least available nutrient. If you are going to use an all-purpose CRF fertilizer it’s essential that it releases nutrients equitably; Gardengain was designed for just this purpose. In addition to the perfect prill, Gardengain is sold in the perfect size package. 40 grams is just right for a hanging basket or potted patio plant, and can be used when planting annuals too! Feed once, no storage just order a few more when you need them.


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